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Straight from the woodshed to a venue by you!

Straight from the woodshed to a venue by you!

Dr. Papi and the jazz patients
perform a fun mix of original jazz music disguised as contrafacts.

Our group loves to interact with our audiences by sharing historical jazz facts with fun music and really, really, stale jokes. If you want to laugh and have a good time swinging, swaying and bopping to some new music that will leave you smiling, then come and join us for one of our upcoming shows!

We not only have a few stories to tell, we want you to part of the action. Come and join in our musical conversations.

We love our fans and welcome your feedback and suggestions. Use our Contact Us page to tell us a joke or two. Perhaps we’ll use yours on our next gig!


Contrafact: An original melody written over a standard or preexisting set of chord changes.  A compositional technique used by hundreds of jazz and other artists over the years.

The Jazz Patients are:

Dr. Papi Jazz- saxophone, clarinet, and flute
Dr. Papi

Jason Miller- trombone
Jason Miller clr

Ryan Cerullo- keyboards
Ryan Ceruulo





Pete Nobile- bassPB cmyk

Tom Venable- drums
Tom V pic