I began thinking about this project towards the end of my doctoral work at BU last year. It has always been a dream of mine to combine original music with some historical fun facts and a dose of humor.  I had the vision of playing music that was familiar to some, but I intended to present that music in a totally new way, with original melodies and grooves that come from many different genres of music. That is where the contrafact comes in. I think music should be fun to listen to, and fun to play. And I also believe that there are some amazing stories to be told through and about this music. At this point my doctorate voice takes over and I lecture about jazz history.

I’ll save most of that rhetoric for the gig, except to say that in 2017 we are celebrating the 100 year anniversary of recorded jazz and I can’t think of a better way to celebrate the democratic institution of jazz music than by retooling some of the most dominant chord progressions ever and giving them a Dr. Papi melody! (see what I did there?)

Then the idea of the jazz patients came into focus. First I called upon some old friends whom I’ve played with in different settings over the years, and got them on board with the concept. Next I assembled the repertoire, called a few sessions, ordered the hospital gowns, and there you have it!

The Jazz Patients! There is enough sarcasm and dry humor in this group to fill any size stage, and we love presenting America’s music in this context.

Thanks for listening, thanks for supporting, and thanks for being a fan!

-Dr. Papi

As I was saying...

As I was saying…